Minimally Invasive and Zero Pain Technique

Our minimally invasive surgery techniques provide the opportunity to relieve your pain with little to no interruption to your day-to-day lifestyle. This treatment method involves making a small incision, and inserting specialized instruments or probes to access and repair the damaged area. This less aggressive approach actually lowers the risk of complications, as well as provides a shorter surgery duration, quicker recovery and less visible scarring. Best of all, minimally invasive surgery has proven to be as successful as conventional “open surgery” methods.

Advantages of Zero Pain Surgical Technique-
    • Smaller incision & Less trauma.

SLR on the day of surgery


    • Faster rehabilitation & Recovery, & excellent pain control through faster surgery, short operating time, less trauma to muscle & tissue resulting in better surgical experience for patients.
    • SLR (ability to lift leg) as soon as anesthesia wears off. In conventional surgery takes 2-3 days before quadriceps muscle recovers. Here quadriceps muscle recovers faster after Surgery.
    • More than 90′ Flexion immediately after surgery without any rehabilitation or physiotherapy because of surgery technique & lack of pain.

90° bend on the day of surgery


    • No need for CPM (Machine for bending your knee). reduces need for physiotherapy & rehabilitation.
      Fast out of bed.
    • Walk in 3 to 4 Hours after surgery.

Walk on day of surgery


    • Minimal use of assistive devices (Walker OR Sticks).
    • Patients is able to go to toilet by himself on 2nd day of surgery.
    • Early discharge to home after surgery on 3rd postoperative day. Operation today home on 3rd Day……

Day 3: Home